Monday, February 13, 2012

Detoxify with a healthy fruit and vegetable drink

Yo people! What’s up? It’s another morning and it’s time to detoxify our bodies from all the toxins that we have inhaled, ingested, and all other ways that those came in. Cleansing our digestive track is very crucial in having a healthy body. Just imagine if you didn’t excrete your wastes, your body will be full of all the dirty stuff and will eventually affect your health, and will also show up on your skin making it look dull and in poor condition. Well, we all do not want that to happen, don’t we? Hence, the regular elimination of wastes. 

I suppose we all should be open with this issue because regular excretion of our wastes is a major issue for our health. In case you guys haven’t thought of this, well I suggest that you guys should try to drink fresh vegetable and fruit juices that contain so much fibre, it would clean up your track instantly.

It all started when my parents forced me to drink this really weird smelling and tasting juice one morning. It was made from different fruits and vegetables. My dad told me that he won’t allow me to go out without drinking it so I didn’t have a choice but to do so. An hour after I drank it, I swear, I felt really light and my body was more comfortable. After a week, I noticed that my face cleared up. My acne started to vanish. I was so happy that I started to drink the juice every day.

Cover your nose and just drink it!

The juice is extracted from:
-          Celery
-          Carrots

-      Cucumber
-          Beetroot
-          Ginger
-          Granny Smith Apples
-          Bitter gourd/ Bitter melon
-          Orange

-          And sometimes they add a bit of Papaya/ Watermelon/ Rock Melon

I know that it’s really weird, but it really helps to flush out all the toxins in our body. ^_^ You guys should give it a try, give it a week and I swear, 100%, you’ll see the difference.

Juicer/ Juice extractor

PS: In case you guys do not have a juice extractor, you can just head to a juice bar and purchase a large juice that is already extracted. Then you can tell the people working in the juice bar to use the given Fruits and Veggies, and you can even add other F &V of your own choice. Even just 3 or 4 times a week. :)

Xoxo Stay healthy,


  1. I would definately do this, but i'll hold back on the bitter melon XP, i've been juicing anything i can juice in my house, ginger and apples are so good together, but rather strong. Thanks for sharing! i loved your post so i'm now a follower!
    hope you stop by my blog

    1. Hey Jill! Thanks for the follow! :)

      Yeah, try it. I suggest you drink the juice in the morning before eating anything. It will really help in cleansing the digestive track. It will make you feel lighter and comfortable. (I could really work in the marketing industry now. LOL)Would love to hear from you after you try it out! :) cheers!

    2. And yeah, one day, hope you try putting in slices of bitter melon too! (maybe little by little 'till you get used to the flavour!) it will help cleanse your blood and lower the sugar level in your system:)