Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Australia hungers for more clothing retailers

This is a call petition to clothing retailers by many of us in the land down-under. 

We’re not saying that we are already bored-to-death with the limited brands that we see in the market but this call is made because we want more choices. While other countries enjoy an abundant range of clothing varieties, we here in Australia are stuck with brands that has been here for years. Yes, they change styles every season but when will we get the pleasure from wearing something else?

For the past few years, the Australian market for clothes retailing industry have not bolstered up due to some issues. Uhuh, Okay. But what about now when the Australian economy is sky rocketing with AU$ 1 = US$ 0.93 (According to Xe.com but when I went to the bank to exchange US$ 1000, I only got AU$ 892! That is with the fees waived off! Come on US$!!). Thus, entering the Australian market might not be a bad idea at all because imported retailers can earn more income. And the fact that when the Spanish clothing brand, Zara, came into the Australian market through its Sydney store (Westfield, Pitt St. Mall), almost all their clothing stock were bought in their first opening day, I’m pretty sure that it is a clear indication that the people in Australia hungers for more clothing brands is increasing.

Another pretty interesting thing is that the store named Frat House, selling imported brands such as Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, is now increasing their number of branches. I am not sure if it is just for convenience but in my own opinion, it is because of their increasing sales. 

And last week, I saw an American Apparel shop along the Oxford St. at the Paddington/ Darlinghurst area. They sell quite a lot of stuff ranging from basics to must-haves. However, a number of people cannot access their goods easily because its location is not (for my own opinion) in the “real” shopping centre unlike GAP’s (which is also inside Westfield, Pitt St. Mall). 

With the whole world becoming more interested in fashion and Sydney being a capital in the Pacific side of the southern hemisphere, I sure hope that we could’ve had more clothing brands down here. It sure is easy to purchase clothes online but it’s still better to go to the shop, fit the clothes, and enjoy the different styles that they offer, right?

Brands that we are waiting for:

  • H&M

We’ve seen this shop on TV or during our holiday trips to Hong Kong, USA, & the UK, and almost every capital in the world. H&M, also known as Hennes & Mauritz, offers a wide array of clothing from simple everyday wear to office wear and to party-like-a-rockstar wear. H&M have also collaborative designs featuring Karl Lagerfield, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, and soon: Alber Elbaz. H&M also owns the chic brands Weekday and COS.

  • Forever 21

Ladies and gentlemen all over the world (except down here) are enjoying the different fun designs of this brand. *Sigh*. This brand sells fashionable and affordable clothing with different styles.


Another great clothing brand with pieces that never go out of style. UNIQLO is said to be the modern GAP with its simple and minimalist style. UNIQLO have also collaborated with known designers such as Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang.

  • Tory Burch

Okay, this might be a higher level of clothing that we are asking for but even smaller countries in Asia (geographically) has at least one Tory Burch store. Tory Burch’s bags and footwear are to die for!

  • TOD’S

TOD’s, an Italian brand producing leather products, which made it big in the world’s fashion industry, is also wanted down here. We want those comfy-looking loafers, please!

  • Topshop

Oh, for the love of British fashion, we want to have some Topshop clothes in our closets. Topshop has a huge range of clothing styles and it is said that they'd open a store in Melbourne by the end of last year, and yeah they did! (Edited! According to a fashionista friend of mine the Topshop in Melbourne is located at Chapel St. Melbourne CBD). Soonish in Sydney, please?

  • JCrew, and Madewell

Just saw both on TV, magazine articles, and fashion blogs. Drooling for them ever since. 

  •  Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch

Hopefully, they make their own shops down here because the ones that Frat House sells aren't enough.

So, we really hope that all these brands could make their way here in Australia and quench our thirst for more clothing brands.



  1. Wow I like your Dress & it looks very beautiful. Thanks for Great work.

  2. This article is just so interesting Pas. We both agree with that Aus should import some FRESH brands which are internationally popular but not opend in here Sydney.right? I was sooo happy when Zara and Miumiu shop were opened in the new westfield on Pitt mall.>.<
    But I thought that American Apparal is located on the right spot as Surry hills and Daringhurst areas are kinda artic suburbs. So it maches very well w its surrounding(w oxford st smell?) and their concepts rather than placing on a big shopping centre like a westfield( but it is bit incovenient to walk down to surburb anyways) I love all these brands you posted on your blog( but i dont know topshop honestly..hehe) and hopfully we can see them very soon in Sydney or even online shopping mall so I can have more options to choose brands then)
    ps) I found Todd shoes in David Johns shoes section :)

    1. Hey Kels, hmm, I kinda agree with what you said about the location of American Apparel. The thing is it's just inconvenient for other people (like me:) to shop in it. :P

      Went to David Jones (Westfield Pitt St.) yesterday and I realised that I don't know where their Shoe section is! But I saw someone in the city wearing Tod's loafers. I want one so bad.. hahaha.

      See you in the uni and goodluck for our finance quiz this coming Thursday!

  3. I am not from Australia, i am from Slovakia, but i feel it same, well we have H&M, but that's all, and i am not sure if in Europe is Forever21 , but i wanna go there and shop like crazy :D and when i want to shop online, shipping is so freaky expensive that i just have to close the page and forget about all that cute clothes :(
    we have here some good brands like Zara, H&M , Bershka, Mango, but like you wrote, still same brands :(
    btw: nice blog, really like it here ^^

    wish you nice day and hope some of the stores you mentioned will be open in your local soon :)

    1. Hello Alexandra! (Got your name from your blog and I followed it.. lol). Thanks for the comment. I think Australia is kinda helping the Australian clothing industry by supporting it through restricting (making it hard) the imported ones to enter the Aussie market. But yeah, Most of us here really hope for "something new" to open.

      When we go overseas we buy alot of clothes and bring them here because most of the nice clothing sold here are pretty "expensive" for students like us but you know, sometimes, you just have to buy it! lol! :)) We have great brands here too such French Connection, Zara, Mango, Cotton On, and local brands like Forever New, Cue, Sheike, Bardot, Dotti, and Sports girl -- if you wanna see the styles that the local brands here offer, you can check them online ^_^

      Wishing you a nice day as well! :)) xx