Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hand Sanitiser Madness

According to my Dictionary! App, Sanitise is a verb that means to make things sanitary (free of germs) by cleaning or sterilising. I’m sure that no one would ever want to sit on a toilet seat in a public toilet as we don’t know how many people have used them and it is obvious that it is contaminated with who knows what or to touch our face with our sweaty and dusty hands after we do some work. Thus, it has been our norm to carry sanitisers around wherever we are. Sanitising is very important whether we are just in our homes or when we are outside because it helps to get rid of harmful germs that might (in a way) infect us with diseases.

During my holidays in Manila, I came across tons and tons of women who have sanitisers hanging from their bag’s shoulder straps. I guess it’s “in”, nowadays, to carry one of these because although sanitising has been essential ever since a long long time ago, it is only now that I see people carry these around all the time. 

Since the “sanitary hand” saga has been on for quite a while, many companies have released different kinds of hand sanitisers that are very affordable and convenient to carry around. 

Hanging Hand Sanitisers

Bench hand sanitisers

Hygienix hand sanitisers (The spray type is my favourite)

Rubbing alcohol with moisturisers

I also saw this product that can be used to clean and disinfect messy toilet seats.

Holy Seat!

Hand sanitisers, which used to be just a normal Dettol disinfectant, has been revolutionised, became varied and more creative to glam up our hand bags and moisturise our hands while getting rid of dirt.



The Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, are my blog’s style icon for the month of December because their fashion sense has been one of the most creative the industry has ever been crazy for. We’ve seen them in rolling films, under the camera, as well as when they took their ideas concretely into the fashion industry. The grungy-edgy-rockstar-layered-boho-expensive-feminine-like style that they wear whenever they go out of their house, have became a staple image in the industry because they are the type of people that can “carry” whatever piece of clothing they wish to wear.

Practising their skills in the fashion industry, they released several lines that carry their ideals and sense of fashion. Recently, we encountered the “MINT” in their newly-opened clothing line: STYLE MINT that has been warmly welcomed, adored, and worn by heaps of customers and famous Hollywood stars like Rachel Bilson and Emma Roberts.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Face Masks (Sheet masks)

Hello everyone! As promised, I will be blogging about face masks. 

There are different kinds of face masks. They can be the cream mask where you put a generous amount of essence (volcanic ash, hydrating milk, red wine, Q10, etc.) to your face and wash it off after a certain amount of time (which is usually 10 to 15 minutes); a peel-off face mask which is a mask that dries up on your face that you have to peel-off like peeling of stickers after a certain amount of time; and lastly the sheet mask which is a thick paper or a fabric mask with holes for your eyes, nose and mouth and is soaked with essence in its tightly sealed foil packet. In this blog post, I will be talking about the sheet mask.

Ooh La La!


Sheet masks are facial masks that are created for people to give their facial skin a treat. You can conveniently use it while you're watching TV at home, or whether you're on a long flight. After a long day of our skin being exposed to stress, pollution, and other harsh conditions, it is always nice to treat yourself with a sheet mask that is full of "good stuff" for your skin. For my own, I prefer to use sheet masks twice or thrice a week depending on how dry or moisturised my face and décolletage feels. But as I have said, different people have their own preferences. 


*Usually used at night time to achieve full moisturising effects

1. Wash your face clean using your favourite facial wash, and rinse of with lukewarm water. (This method will open up your pores that will help the essence of the sheet mask to penetrate deep into the skin). Pat off excess water gently. Don't dry off your whole face with the towel.

2. Remove the sheet mask from the packet carefully enough not to rip it. Then place on it on your face. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. (You will then be flooding your skin with the essence that aids the skin to absorb all the nutrients in it.

3. Don't throw the packet right away. Keep it in the fridge, put the left-over essence on your face and to your décolletage area after your remove the sheet mask.

4. Don't rinse it off, leave the essence on your skin till it dries and evaporates completely. Have a good night's sleep and wake up feeling very hydrated and moisturised.


Sheet masks work wonders by cooling down the skin and letting your skin absorb the vitamins and nutrients from the essence. It maybe the same as putting on moisturising creams after you wash your face, but treating your skin with essence masks are great because it gives a different kind of hydration and moisturising effect compared to using normal face creams.

By leaving it on your skin for up to 15 minutes, you will find that your skin will have time to cool and therefore pores will usually close up, giving the appearance of smaller tighter pores. You are also flooding your skin with the lotion or essence in the mask you are using. This effect is beneficial for hydrating and whitening products as only by leaving it on your face can it work well.

Treat yourself with a mask twice or thrice a week.

1. MY BEAUTY DIARY facial sheet masks (我的美丽日记面膜)
- My most favourite sheet mask as of the moment. I have tried the different varieties they have such as the black pearl whitening, arbutin, Southern France apricot, red wine, Q10, royal jelly, cherry blossoms, and more! The packaging is good as the sheet masks comes with a plastic cover that helps to avoid ripping the mask. And I really like the essence that they use because the scents are just very lovely and the formula is very thick, meaning, rich in good ingredients. A good quality mask for a very affordable price. Can be purchased in Asian beauty shops or online. ($15 for 10 pcs.)

2. SILK WHITIA facial sheet masks
- Love this mask because it makes my skin feel so soft even just after application. The scent is also good as well as the packaging. If you will do research on sheet masks, this brand is one of the most popular Asian ones in the market. Can be purchased in some Asian beauty shops (Sydney) or online. ($20 a box)

3. MG facial sheet masks
- Bought these at Watson's in Shenzhen, I'm sure this brand is popular in China because its not that pricey and the quality is really really good. What I mean't by really really good was, I think the ingredients were 80% essence and 20% H2O. Very very hydrating and moisturising. I don't think you can purchase it at any Asian beauty shops in Sydney but I'm pretty sure you can find them online. (RMB 200 a box)
4. NARUKO raw job's tears facial sheet masks
- I immediately fell inlove with this brand after I used it once. When I went back to the store to repurchase the next day, they already ran out of stock. Crazy. LOL. ($5 per sheet)

5. MG dynamic hydrating eye mask
- This eye mask came with the MG face masks that I bought in Shenzhen. Good quality. Very gentle and hydrating for the skin around the eyes.

*the links will lead you to YT videos :) Don't be afraid to click on them for more info. :)

Sheet mask application: sheet mask application http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URIOj4jOpGU

How to use up your mask and the left over essence, and storage tips: Getting the most out of your sheet mask

Using sheet masks that claims to whiten, brighten, make your skin tighter, younger, and smoother does not guarantee that you will get the results as to what they claim. After usage, you may feel its effects for several hours but it will definitely degenerate after few hours. More or less, you will still get benefits by using sheet masks because it makes the skin more hydrated and moisturised as it is rich in essence. Thus, it makes the skin more soft, flexible, and more resistant to wrinkling. It is very convenient to use and affordable.

xoxo, Pascaley