Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, are my blog’s style icon for the month of December because their fashion sense has been one of the most creative the industry has ever been crazy for. We’ve seen them in rolling films, under the camera, as well as when they took their ideas concretely into the fashion industry. The grungy-edgy-rockstar-layered-boho-expensive-feminine-like style that they wear whenever they go out of their house, have became a staple image in the industry because they are the type of people that can “carry” whatever piece of clothing they wish to wear.

Practising their skills in the fashion industry, they released several lines that carry their ideals and sense of fashion. Recently, we encountered the “MINT” in their newly-opened clothing line: STYLE MINT that has been warmly welcomed, adored, and worn by heaps of customers and famous Hollywood stars like Rachel Bilson and Emma Roberts.

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