Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's in my everyday bag? (for uni)

Hello my dear readers! :) In today's blog post, I will be writing about what I usually bring with me to uni in my everyday school bag! :)

Love this bag. So useful :)
Basically, I carry this Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Damier Azur to uni. In my own opinion, it's very convenient to carry this bag. It's not too big and not too small, very versatile (can be used for travel, casual walks outside, office, or school!) because of its design, very light!, it can carry alot of stuff (thus, never full), and it's made of water resistant leather! So it doesn't get wet by Sydney's crazy rains. (Sydney's weather is very unpredictable. When you walk out of your house, it's very sunny. Then after 15 minutes, it will be raining so hard. Crazy.. I know.)

So yeah, here's what I bring to uni (sans the books that I hand-carry):

My bag is neatly organised thanks to the Beabi Bag organiser!

1. Bag Organiser
- This bag organiser is from Beabi (I bought it in the Philippines). It's very helpful in organising the small trinkets that I carry. Usually, people put their trinkets in different small cases or just dump it in their bags. This bag organiser have different compartments where you can neatly put your stuff. It's very handy and light!

2. Water Bottle (from my Starbucks collection)
- I always get thirsty and we should hydrate more often so carry a water bottle with me whenever I go out (except when I'm using a smaller bag).

3. Foldable umbrella
- As I've said earlier, the weather in Sydney is very unpredictable especially this year's autumn. So it's better to go out armed with an umbrella. I bought this cute brelly from Morning Glory.

4. My wallet
5. My notebook (for taking notes for my lectures and tutorials)
- The cute notebookwas bought in the Philippines. :)
6. 2012 Planner
- I'm the note-taking kind of person so I always carry small notepads and planners. :)
7. Pens and pencil
- Self-explanatory. :) black for my notes, blue for corrections, and pencil for writing on my precious thick books.
8. Scientific calculator
- For calculating NPVs, loan amortisations, depreciation, revaluation, so on and so forth....................................................................... :)
9. Hair brush
- Haha! Sydney's a windy place. It's good to carry your own brush to keep your hair in place. :)
10. Earphones
- Music keeps me company all through out my travel to uni and anywhere.
11. Pocket tissues
- For sniffles :)
12. Mints
- Lol. Lebara mints. I got it from my friend who works at Lebara. :)
13. Blotting paper
- Etude oil blotting sheets. Oily person. 'nuff said.
14. Rosary and small prayer book
- When things don't go in the way you wanted it to be, you only have yourself and your faith with you. (Don't get me wrong, I support and respect everyone's own beliefs.)

15. Lip and cheek tint
- Favourite lip and cheek tint from Tony Moly.

16. My favourite lipstick
- Chanel rouge coco shine 52 Fetiche.
17. Hair clips and disposable hair ties

18. USB flash drive
- It has a name tag (as if people will return it to me if it gets lost).

19. Hand spray
- My favourite hand spray: Hygienix. To get rid of bacteria. hahahaha:))
20. Hand cream
- Crabtree and Evelyn's Citron, Honey, and Coriander hand cream in it's pocket size.

This blog post is inspired by the WHAT'S IN MY BAG (TAG). Responses are supposed to be on videos but I'm blogging about it and I'll be happy to see what's in yours! I'm tagging everyone! :)) Have a nice day ya'll!


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  1. Hi, sweetie! Love all the goodies in your bag :D Thanks for following, I'm following ya too ;)

  2. nice bag, i have it similiar as you with things in my bag ^^
    i like your wallet and i am too note-taking kind person :D without my organizer i would be lost ><'
    thanks for following i follow you on bloglovin but i cant' find the google friends followers ( is it possible to follow you like that too? becaus eits more easier :D )
    wish you nice day ^^

    1. Hi! Thanks my dear^^ It's good to know that I'm not the only person here that loves to write down stuff on paper (not using iPhone or blackberry to write homeworks, assignments due, and etc.)
      Oh, Yeah, I kinda realised that the JOIN THIS SITE button was gone from my page so I worked out how to put it back. Does it show on the right side of my page now? I'm not sure. lol. THANKS again!!

    2. hi, yes now it is there :) so i am follower :))
      and i totally agree with you, i use paper and pen for my notes , because i can't trust technology :)

    3. Wow. Woke up and I have a new follower! :) have a nice day!! ^^

  3. great post, i have the same bag as you for my university :) but mine is the damier ebene, It is so convenient hehe and can fit alot of stuff in there. I'm always scared that the strap will snap.
    I should do a whats in my bag post soon ^^. Thank you for following <3


    1. Haha! I have the same "the strap will snap" thought too! coz sometimes I carry alot of notebooks and if one of my books can fit, i would put it in as well. but my bag's still fine :)) I TAG YOU and I'll be glad to see what's inside your bag:)

  4. we have the same bag!! love this post. would u mind if i did the same?! xx


    1. *Woot woot* Would love to see what's inside your bag my dear! :)

      BTW, this is an open tag so..... I TAG EVERYONE!!! and if anyone does a "WHAT's IN MY BAG" blog post, pls put your link here in the comment section! :) I'd love too see what's inside your bags! :)) hahahaha... (creepy??? lol. Don't worry! I won't stalk! haha!)

  5. hey miss! i just found your blog and i love it!
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    1. Thanks girl! :) Sure I'll enter your giveaway. ^^ TC!

  6. Visiting from the blog hop! EVERY friend of mine who has bought the neverfull tote loves hers! Hope you'll stop by and would you like to follow each other?

    1. Hey thanks for the follow and yup, I love every single bit of it. Worth every cent :)

  7. The bag organiser is such a great idea!! Now i really want one! the items in my bag are always somessy and I can never find certain things. I love your bag btw! :)

    1. Hi! Yeah I know! I have the same dilemma too before! I just chuck things in my bag and I when I need them I basically have to go through all the stuff before finding the thing that I need. So yeah, you should get yourself one! I looked it up on ebay and I found one around AU$2.15 (free shipping too!)with small compartments which is good when you wanna put it in your small purse.

      Another thing I love about the bag organiser is that it's also very handy when you wanna change your bag. You just take out the whole bag organiser with all your stuff and you're ready to go! :) lol:)

  8. Visitor from the blog hop! I'm kind of obsessed with your bag LOL! My best friend just came back from visiting Australia and absolutely loved every minute there. Are you planning on every visiting the states? Stop by my blog and feel free to say hello!

    1. Hello! :) Yeah, Australia is such a lovely place! Very simple and laid back. :) I've been to the states last Dec 2008 and I totally fell in-love to U.S.A! lol. We went to different states and visited quite a number of cities for a month. Very lovely place! especially San Francisco! I actually wanted to do my uni there but yeah.. :)) Come down to Sydney and I'd be glad to tour you around! :) have a nice day!

  9. Cute bag!

    Over on my blog I am having a give away, win the MAC lipstick in the colour of your choice


    Would love for you to enter :o)


    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to enter your giveaway! Ta!

  10. OOOh I have this bag - Love mine too


  11. This is cute. I usually just carry my wallet, phone, lotion, coupons, pens, chocolate, and blotting sheets.

    New follower. Found you through the blog hop.

    1. thanks girl! :) lol. You sure carry a little for school! SCHOOL IS COOL.^^

  12. i also had one of those in-bags but because my bags are always too large everything ends up getting all mixed up in the end xD

    ps: Enter my giveaway and win a 25$ shopping card :)

    Love * Monstros no Armário

    1. Haha! I understand! :) I got 2 different sizes of bag organisers, 1 smaller one and a larger one. LOL. I'm pretty OC in organising and cleaning... so... (=.=)"

  13. Love your bag, I also love these kinds of posts, probably because I am nosey haha, I am your newest follower xxx


    1. I assume that the LV in your blogger name is Louis Vuitton?? :) lol. :) I love these kind of posts too... not sure if it's nosey-ness though!