Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I had a very YSL day

Good day everyone! It was another "no classes" day for me and my sister so we had time to go out for shopping and this week we promised ourselves to really get those YSL lippies already! Last week, (if you haven't read my blog post about the Coco Shine) we got ourselves a couple of Chanel lippies instead of the promised YSL.  

(L-R) YSL Rouge Volupté in 3 Beige Ultime, YSL L'Homme Libre eau de toilette sample, YSL Touche éclat sample, YSL Saharienne eau de toilette sample, YSL Rouge Pur Couture 5 Beige Etrusque
My big sis got the YSL Rouge Volupté in 3 Beige Ultime. It is a really pretty neutral beige colour that looks really natural on the lips. In my own opinion, YSL's Rouge Volupté series can be comparable to the Rouge Coco Shines of Chanel as they both have a very silky and sheer texture and pigmentation. 

I got myself the YSL Rouge Pur Couture 5 Beige Etrusque which is really my "type" of colour. As you guys have noticed, I have always sticked on the safe side in choosing lip colours. However, this time, I got a more matte lipstick than the previous sheer ones that I purchased. It's matte but it's still hydrating and it has a satin-like texture when applied on the lips.

LOVELY BUNCH!!! Officially in-loved with YSL!

Special thanks to for introducing YSL to my life:) Lol



Monday, March 26, 2012

Maybelline NY - Aus @mnyau tweeted about my review

Hi readers! Just wanna say that Maybelline NY cosmetics tweeted about my Baby Lips review :)

Oh yeah baby!

How sweet is that? :)  HAVE A NICE DAY!! 

let's all smile,


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips

Hi! So I also got a new lipbalm for my pre-lipstick application. Well, I basically just apply this lipbalm before I do anything with my face after taking a shower. I reckon that after gentle lip-exfoliation, dabbing a little bit of a good lipbalm will really make your lips soft and smooth which will make lipstick application easier.

MNY Baby lips in Protecting Berry

I actually got this lippie a month ago as a giveaway prize from entering Maybelline New York - Australia's "Baby lips I spy MNY" in their facebook page. 

MNY Baby lips in Protecting Berry is a clear lip balm that smells "oh-so-good-i-wanna-eat-it". A good pre-lipstick application balm!

Do you guys also have a pre-lipstick application thing?


Visit Maybelline New York - Australia's facebook page at:

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 62 Monte Carlo

Hey everyone! I went shopping with my sister yesterday. Yes, bonding time with big sis. :) Started out with lunch and then went walking around. It was almost a disaster because it was kinda gloomy and windy when we left the house so she wore tights and a jumper, while I wore tights and fur. And after an hour, the sun came out and it became sunny all-day long! Super hooooooootttttt that we decided to remove our tights and I also removed my fur sleeveless sweater. (I keep complaining about the weather in Sydney, do I? LOL). Okay, so I said it was almost a disaster. Almost as it was still a happy day for me because I got to buy a new lippie! :) Haha. :)

We went to MYER since we really wanted to get ourselves YSL rouge volupte lipsticks but came out having Chanel Coco Shines. :) 

This is my 3rd splurge on a Chanel lippie. They're a tad pricey (especially for someone, unemployed, like me) but, I swear, I don't regret purchasing any of them.

Chanel rouge coco shine in 62 Monte Carlo is a very pretty colour. It flatters my skintone as it has a pinky-warm-reddish hue and rouge coco shines are noted for their moisturising, sheer, and creamy texture when applied, so I think that they really make my lips look healthy by giving it a pinkish glow.

I, still, opted for a safe choice on this one due to the "natural" look of the colour but the hue of 62 Monte Carlo is a bit more pigmented than my favourite 52 Fetiche. It's a really great "to-go" everyday colour.

Application (1 glide [not using a lip brush]):

colour pigmentation under normal indoor daylight lighting

It really looks light in just a dash of it on my lips but I tend to apply it harder as I go. So, after 3 glides.....

colour pigmentation facing normal daylight lighting

So if anyone wanna get themselves an everyday Chanel lippie, I recommend this one! :)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's in my everyday bag? (for uni)

Hello my dear readers! :) In today's blog post, I will be writing about what I usually bring with me to uni in my everyday school bag! :)

Love this bag. So useful :)
Basically, I carry this Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Damier Azur to uni. In my own opinion, it's very convenient to carry this bag. It's not too big and not too small, very versatile (can be used for travel, casual walks outside, office, or school!) because of its design, very light!, it can carry alot of stuff (thus, never full), and it's made of water resistant leather! So it doesn't get wet by Sydney's crazy rains. (Sydney's weather is very unpredictable. When you walk out of your house, it's very sunny. Then after 15 minutes, it will be raining so hard. Crazy.. I know.)

So yeah, here's what I bring to uni (sans the books that I hand-carry):

My bag is neatly organised thanks to the Beabi Bag organiser!

1. Bag Organiser
- This bag organiser is from Beabi (I bought it in the Philippines). It's very helpful in organising the small trinkets that I carry. Usually, people put their trinkets in different small cases or just dump it in their bags. This bag organiser have different compartments where you can neatly put your stuff. It's very handy and light!

2. Water Bottle (from my Starbucks collection)
- I always get thirsty and we should hydrate more often so carry a water bottle with me whenever I go out (except when I'm using a smaller bag).

3. Foldable umbrella
- As I've said earlier, the weather in Sydney is very unpredictable especially this year's autumn. So it's better to go out armed with an umbrella. I bought this cute brelly from Morning Glory.

4. My wallet
5. My notebook (for taking notes for my lectures and tutorials)
- The cute notebookwas bought in the Philippines. :)
6. 2012 Planner
- I'm the note-taking kind of person so I always carry small notepads and planners. :)
7. Pens and pencil
- Self-explanatory. :) black for my notes, blue for corrections, and pencil for writing on my precious thick books.
8. Scientific calculator
- For calculating NPVs, loan amortisations, depreciation, revaluation, so on and so forth....................................................................... :)
9. Hair brush
- Haha! Sydney's a windy place. It's good to carry your own brush to keep your hair in place. :)
10. Earphones
- Music keeps me company all through out my travel to uni and anywhere.
11. Pocket tissues
- For sniffles :)
12. Mints
- Lol. Lebara mints. I got it from my friend who works at Lebara. :)
13. Blotting paper
- Etude oil blotting sheets. Oily person. 'nuff said.
14. Rosary and small prayer book
- When things don't go in the way you wanted it to be, you only have yourself and your faith with you. (Don't get me wrong, I support and respect everyone's own beliefs.)

15. Lip and cheek tint
- Favourite lip and cheek tint from Tony Moly.

16. My favourite lipstick
- Chanel rouge coco shine 52 Fetiche.
17. Hair clips and disposable hair ties

18. USB flash drive
- It has a name tag (as if people will return it to me if it gets lost).

19. Hand spray
- My favourite hand spray: Hygienix. To get rid of bacteria. hahahaha:))
20. Hand cream
- Crabtree and Evelyn's Citron, Honey, and Coriander hand cream in it's pocket size.

This blog post is inspired by the WHAT'S IN MY BAG (TAG). Responses are supposed to be on videos but I'm blogging about it and I'll be happy to see what's in yours! I'm tagging everyone! :)) Have a nice day ya'll!


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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Clear skin (and other things that I’m happy about atm)

Hello everyone! 

Audrey Hepburn said “Happy girls are the prettiest girls” and I believe in it! There’s just something in happy people that makes them glow. In this blog post I will write about few little things that currently makes me happy. 


First of all, I would like to thank all the readers for supporting my blog (by reading my blog posts). According to my Blogspot dashboard, I’ve been getting at least 3 readers everyday from different parts of the world. It makes me happy that people actually read what I’ve been writing here. It wasn’t long ago when I decided to create my own blog (inspired by the blogs that I read). People ask me why I spend time in writing these stuff and what it is for. I just reply to them saying that I’ve got nothing to do. And thus, I try to make use of my free time to share my thoughts and my little knowledge and passion for everything beautiful to all of you. Thank you all! I really appreciate it. :)

The second thing that makes me happy lately is the recent “boost” in my studies AKA doing well with my NY resolution #4. Lately, I’ve spent most of my time doing homework, reading my thick books, figuring the problems out with my calculator, and having group studies. I know you might be feeling really weird why I am so happy for common things like those but it’s just I’ve been so committed to my studies for the past few weeks. Well, as I have said in my new year’s resolution post, last year I have not really focused on studying. I managed to pass and get high marks for some of it but not for everything. I mean, I could’ve done better if I gave a little bit more of my time in “studying” than just being happy with a 5/10 mark for a quiz. Right? Hopefully, I continue to be like this ‘till the end of this year. 

Thirdly, I’ve been keeping up with my NY resolution #1. Yey! Well, I’ve been doing a lot of walking and jogging lately, and I’m also eating healthy food. I’ve been more of a veggie eater lately in comparison to my carnivorous diet last year. And I also manage to drink my healthy vegetable drink weekly (though I’m not meeting my acceptable 3 times a week drink!).

And lastly, I’m so glad to tell of you that my acne has cleared up! (Well, for a few months already). I’m really happy that my acne’s gone. I know that the visit to the dermatologist really helped solve the problem but I’m sure that various factors such as having a regular sleeping and waking time, eating healthy and drinking the fibre-rich veggie juice, exercising, and my new skin care regimen have also aided in the process. I’ve been getting a few “Hey, you look better!” and “You’re getting prettier!” compliments from my friends lately, and I thank them for that (I feel shy and think if I was ugly before, but happy!). To be honest, before when my skin was bad and had a lot of break outs, my self-confidence level got affected by it, I swear! (Maybe I’ll talk about this in another post…). But I’m really happy with my skin now. Although I still have some acne marks, I’m fine with it. I know that one by one, they’ll all slowly fade away.

Even though my hair is messy, I am still happy:)

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

It takes about 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, why overwork? :)

Keep smiling and keep shining!



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Australia hungers for more clothing retailers

This is a call petition to clothing retailers by many of us in the land down-under. 

We’re not saying that we are already bored-to-death with the limited brands that we see in the market but this call is made because we want more choices. While other countries enjoy an abundant range of clothing varieties, we here in Australia are stuck with brands that has been here for years. Yes, they change styles every season but when will we get the pleasure from wearing something else?

For the past few years, the Australian market for clothes retailing industry have not bolstered up due to some issues. Uhuh, Okay. But what about now when the Australian economy is sky rocketing with AU$ 1 = US$ 0.93 (According to but when I went to the bank to exchange US$ 1000, I only got AU$ 892! That is with the fees waived off! Come on US$!!). Thus, entering the Australian market might not be a bad idea at all because imported retailers can earn more income. And the fact that when the Spanish clothing brand, Zara, came into the Australian market through its Sydney store (Westfield, Pitt St. Mall), almost all their clothing stock were bought in their first opening day, I’m pretty sure that it is a clear indication that the people in Australia hungers for more clothing brands is increasing.

Another pretty interesting thing is that the store named Frat House, selling imported brands such as Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, is now increasing their number of branches. I am not sure if it is just for convenience but in my own opinion, it is because of their increasing sales. 

And last week, I saw an American Apparel shop along the Oxford St. at the Paddington/ Darlinghurst area. They sell quite a lot of stuff ranging from basics to must-haves. However, a number of people cannot access their goods easily because its location is not (for my own opinion) in the “real” shopping centre unlike GAP’s (which is also inside Westfield, Pitt St. Mall). 

With the whole world becoming more interested in fashion and Sydney being a capital in the Pacific side of the southern hemisphere, I sure hope that we could’ve had more clothing brands down here. It sure is easy to purchase clothes online but it’s still better to go to the shop, fit the clothes, and enjoy the different styles that they offer, right?

Brands that we are waiting for:

  • H&M

We’ve seen this shop on TV or during our holiday trips to Hong Kong, USA, & the UK, and almost every capital in the world. H&M, also known as Hennes & Mauritz, offers a wide array of clothing from simple everyday wear to office wear and to party-like-a-rockstar wear. H&M have also collaborative designs featuring Karl Lagerfield, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, and soon: Alber Elbaz. H&M also owns the chic brands Weekday and COS.

  • Forever 21

Ladies and gentlemen all over the world (except down here) are enjoying the different fun designs of this brand. *Sigh*. This brand sells fashionable and affordable clothing with different styles.


Another great clothing brand with pieces that never go out of style. UNIQLO is said to be the modern GAP with its simple and minimalist style. UNIQLO have also collaborated with known designers such as Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang.

  • Tory Burch

Okay, this might be a higher level of clothing that we are asking for but even smaller countries in Asia (geographically) has at least one Tory Burch store. Tory Burch’s bags and footwear are to die for!

  • TOD’S

TOD’s, an Italian brand producing leather products, which made it big in the world’s fashion industry, is also wanted down here. We want those comfy-looking loafers, please!

  • Topshop

Oh, for the love of British fashion, we want to have some Topshop clothes in our closets. Topshop has a huge range of clothing styles and it is said that they'd open a store in Melbourne by the end of last year, and yeah they did! (Edited! According to a fashionista friend of mine the Topshop in Melbourne is located at Chapel St. Melbourne CBD). Soonish in Sydney, please?

  • JCrew, and Madewell

Just saw both on TV, magazine articles, and fashion blogs. Drooling for them ever since. 

  •  Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch

Hopefully, they make their own shops down here because the ones that Frat House sells aren't enough.

So, we really hope that all these brands could make their way here in Australia and quench our thirst for more clothing brands.