Monday, October 17, 2011

Burberry Iconic Checks

Disclaimer: This blog post is created not to show-off but to serve as a note on my opinion about the product/s. All products mentioned as bought were purchased with my own money. If you have any violent reactions with these kind of articles, please feel free not to read this post.

I know I have been MIA lately with a reason that, pretty much, every one has already said: GOT BUSY WITH SCHOOL STUFF. lol. Anyways, I got a new Burberry bag last week. I bought it because I wanted a smaller bag that would suit any event, whether it may be a morning or an evening one. And I should say that the bag that I got was the perfect one for my "GOAL" and "BUDGET". :)

Burberry Large Nova Check Bowling Bag
Before I have concluded my choice, I have researched (Yes! School stuff! hahah!) about the different check designs that Burberry have. And from the "research" that I did, I came up with four different types: the Haymarket, House Check, Smoked Check, and the Nova Check.

Burberry Haymarket Check Tote Bag
The Haymarket Check design
The classic Burberry iconic Haymarket check designs are characterised by the checkered black and white lines with red crossings and the Burberry equestrian knight logo. This design displays a more matured and formal look. 

Burberry Large Bridle House Check Tote Bag
The House Check design
The house check designs are represented by its unique deep or light khaki brown background colour for the black, white, and red checkered lines. This exudes a more sophisticated working class look.

Burberry Medium Smoked Check Hobo Bag
The Smoked Check design
The smoked check design is uniquely defined by its muted colour effect that, when compared to the other check designs, have a lighter shade of colour for its background and iconic checkered lines.

Burberry Small Nova Check Tote Bag
The Nova Check design
The latest of all Burberry's iconic check designs showcases a more youthful outlook with its bold colours and big checkered prints.

Obviously, as written on the caption of the first photo, I got a bag with a Nova Check. I chose the design because I thought that all the check designs exude different characteristics in them. (Or probably not). I just also believe that the nova check bowling bag is a very versatile and practical choice.

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