Sunday, April 15, 2012

Re: Acne history and my naked face

Hello everyone! A month from now (on May 14), the blogger world will be celebrating the "Bloggers Without Makeup Day". I have just recently watched Jen's (Jen from Frmheadtotoe) Youtube channel a video of herself without any makeup on where she talked about her acne history and because of her video, I got really inspired to blog about my own acne history and show you, my dear readers, my naked face. (I know it's still a month to go before the No makeup day but I am really in the mood to write about it now. :)

Watch her "acne history and naked face" video here.

Not edited in any sort. Just added the watermark.

I suffered from acne for about 2 years ago. Although I don't have any acne or pimple bumps right now, as you can see, I still have pimple marks and hyperpigmentations on my face. I have dark under-eye circles, sparse eyebrows, and my eyelid folds are not equal. But hey, you know what, it's really okay because no one is perfect.

For about a year ago, my forehead and cheeks was bombarded by acne. They were really big, red, and painful (physically and mentally). I could say that it really affected me so much. I spent so much money in purchasing alot of products that claimed to get rid or help fight acne and I can assure you that I did try heaps of products but none of them really helped. Back then, I didn't have the courage to go out of the house without putting on makeup and I felt really conscious when people stare at my face as if they were counting how many zits I have. And like Jen, and most of the people who are suffering or who did suffer from acne, I was also that girl in my family who everyone talks to and has been told some recommendations of soaps to use and remedies ... *sigh*...

So, I really feel for those who have suffered or who are still battling acne now. I know how you all feel because I have experienced it myself. It was a really bad experience. But you know what, acne is not an incurable disease or anything like that. It's something that can be healed. Yes, It may take heaps of time to remove all traces of it from our skin but it can be healed. 

I believe that normal otc products can help solve acne problems but I also, strongly, believe that our skin (eventhough we use the products that are specifically made for our own skin type) will still have different reactions to different products. Maybe some products work out perfectly for some people while to other people it does help but with very minimal results.

The most read blog post here in my blog is my post about the Proactiv Solution. I don't write things just for the sake of writing but I write them with my true view about the topic. I used about 2 sets of Proactiv and I thought that it was really helping me. I saw my face lost some pimples but some of them still kept coming back. But anyhow, I thought that Proactiv really helped my skin. Throughout the time I was using the product, I kinda felt that If I missed a day or two of using it I would have new pimples growing on my face and that my face became more sensitive to the weather (ie. cold wind in winter) and to other skin products (ie. cetaphil, sunscreen). And after a year of using it, my face was still the same -- greasy, have active acne, and sensitive. So, maybe my skin isn't just as compatible to Proactiv as other people who swore by it.

One thing that really helped me in getting rid of acne was visiting a dermatologist. She gave me some vitamin prescriptions and did a couple of facial procedures to my face and I saw immediate results. I could say that going to a specialist really gives more chance in really getting rid of the acne because the specialist will know what to recommend to you by the information that you give them (ie. your lifestyle information: food that you eat, sleep time, habits, activities, etc.) rather than using otc products that you don't really know if it will work. And your lifestyle also affects in the healing process. Even if you take medications given by your dermatologist but you don't change your lifestyle, the acne may come back.

So yeah, I would like to reiterate that nobody is perfect. One person may seem to have a very perfect skin but we never know that person is also having an issue about something else, right? Not every model that we see online, on TV, or in magazines are all perfect. Accepting all my flaws made me the person that I am right now. I'm not saying that having acne for 2 years was not a painful experience, but people who loves you will accept you and love you for who you are. "Makeup does wonders but it is not a mask to conceal all your flaws, it should be used to accentuate your own beauty". If you become more comfortable with your skin, you will be happier and become a stronger and more confident person. There is always a solution for, almost, anything -- especially for acne. 

Every person, living creature, in this world is beautiful in their own shapes and sizes.

Thank you for following my blog and I hope you have enjoyed reading this post! :)

Lots of love,



  1. This is very inspiring. I've had acne for almost 6 years, trying everything that people have raved worked for them.

    But this past month, I've started a new regime and I've seen results, and people are even telling me that my skin is getting better! I hope it works, I hope it's my personal cure for acne.


    1. Hi Liz, thanks! I am really happy that my acne has already cleared up and for the acne marks, I know that it will all fade in time. I hope yours will also get better and better soon!

  2. You are so cute without makeup on! Thanks for sharing your story. It definitely reiterates that skin problems can be addressed with professional help and also trialling products to see what works for you. My skin's nowhere near perfect, though I've not had acne myself. But it is all about having self-confidence and loving yourself, which can be a battle for every girl.

    I have never seen that video from Jen, but I found it quite inspirational. I'd never actually seen her face sans makeup, except for like 2 seconds before some of her makeup tutorials. I thought it was very brave of her to show her viewers her naked face and I really liked her message about not idolising people because they look a certain way. Some people who only see her all made up may never even think she struggled for so many years with acne. She came across as very genuine and open.

    1. Hello :) thank you! And yeah, no one would believe that she struggled with acne before because her skin just looks so perfect so I really admire her courage and it was just so inspiring that I thought of sharing my own story too. Have a nice day!

  3. By far, the best acne blog I've read. As an acne sufferer myself during my teenager years, I've become frustrated and moody because I felt that acne is ruining my life, which really is. Acne does ruin your life and should never be part of the growing years. Sadly, it's not the case of so many of us. OTC products are great if they work, if not, better save up your money and see a doctor. By the way, this is probably off topic, but do you have any idea about accutane lawsuit? Btw, Accutane is a drug for treating severe acne.

    1. Hi Tim, Good day! First of all, thank you! Certainly, acne is, by far, the worst skin condition that I've ever experience. It really affected my self-confidence and I became more insecure at that time. But then, I learned how to control my emotions and learn how to accept my own skin. About the accutane, I have not heard of it yet nor its lawsuit.