Thursday, April 12, 2012

100 Ways to keep yourself happy

Hi guys! My Easter holiday is nearing its end. After the one week Easter break, it will be followed by a few weeks full of hectic and busy days. They're the weeks that I'd like to call, the "Assessment weeks". 

Anyways, I am writing this blog post of some "ways to keep yourself happy" because normal people, like me and all of you, just have to stop for a while, reflect, and think of the stuff that keeps you going. Sometimes, people just get tired of doing their everyday routine or maybe get too much stress from doing loads of work. 

We don't have to burden ourselves in making everything so perfect (ofcourse, unless you're an OC cleaning freak like me) to always be on the top. Sure, you do want to be on the top. But, for you to be happy, make sure that you enjoy the view all the way up. As one wise man have said that before calling a person beautiful, you have to see them ugly first. (Okay, what am I saying?)

I'm pretty sure I got all of the following from an internet page long time ago. I wrote them down on my diary so that I could peek and read them once in a while.



1. Never put yourself last.
2. When you extend a helping hand to one person, be careful not to kick someone else in the teeth.
3. Always own a pair of old, faded jeans.
4. Count your blessings everyday.
5. Acknowledge your success along with your downfalls.
6. Burn the candle that has been in storage for the past years.
7. Strive for progress, not perfection.
8. Remember, the voice telling you that you cannot do something is always lying.
9. Atleast once a day sit and do nothing.
10. Don't close your heart so tightly against life's pain that you shut out life's blessings.
11. Celebrate all your birthdays no matter how old you get.
12. Examine your life for limitations and ask yourself why you put them there.
13. Plant a tree, pull the weeds or get your hands dirty.
14. Diminish your wants, instead of increasing your needs.
15. Cry when you feel like it.
16. Rejoice in other people's triumphs.
17. Don't wait for someone else to laugh or express joy.
18. Forgive yourself for any mistake you make, no matter how big or small.
19. Keep good company.
20. Never take a pill for a pain you need to feel.
21. Use your enthusiasm to put yourself in forward gear and give yourself a spark to move ahead.
22. Look in the eyes of the ones you love when you are talking to them.
23. Remember that one is a whole number.
24. Walk in a summer rain, shower without an umbrella.
25. Do a kind deed for someone else.
26. Keep your eyes and ears open to get the messages you need from people and events in your daily life.
27. Be patient.
28. Eat something green.
29. Change what you can and leave the rest alone.
30. Walk hand in hand with truth.
31. Make laughter and joy a greater part of your life than anger and grief.
32. Embrace solitude instead of running from it.
33. Be zealous, not jealous.
34. Forgive anyone you've been holding a grudge against.
35. Slow down and enjoy the present.
36. Walk in others' shoes before judging the,.
37. Send yourself a kind message.
38. Remind yourself that the company you keep is a reflection of what you think of yourself.
39. Go on a picnic.
40. Accept your fears, no matter how crazy they seem.
41. Don't let other people's opinions shape who you are.
42. Say a prayer.
43. Never attribute your accomplishments to luck or chance.
44. Know when to say "no".
45. Look at the positive side of a negative situation.
46. Remember that you are a spiritual being in a physical body.
47. Avoid seeking out other people for constant approval because it makes them the master and you the slave.
48. Go fly a kite.
49. Avoid the fads and band wagons.
50. Accept the things you cannot change.
51. Look inside instead of outside for answers to life's problems.
52. Remember that all feelings are okay.
53. Shield yourself from bad influences.
54. Stand up for what you believe in.
55. Respect the wishes of others when they say "no". 
56. Seize every moment and live it fully.
57. Give away or sell anything you haven't used for the past five years.
58. Never downgrade yourself.
59. Take responsibility for what you think, feel, and do.
60. Pamper yourself.
61. Never say or do anything abusive to a child.
62. Let yourself be God powered instead of flying solo.
63. Volunteer to help someone in need.
64. Refrain from overindulging in food, drink, and work.
65. Finish unfinished business.
66. Be spontaneous.
67. find a constructive outlet for your anger.
68. Think about abundance instead of lack because whatever you think expands.
69. Think of yourself as a survivor, not a victim.
70. Cuddle an animal.
71. Be open to life.
72. See success as something you already have, not something you must attain.
73. Experience the splendor and awe of a sunset.
74. When you score a base hit, don't wish it were a home run.
75. Learn to be in the present moment.
76. Instead of believing in miracles, depend on them.
77. Take a child to a circus.
78. Change your attitude and your whole life will change.
79. Never turn your power over to another person.
80. When your heart is at odds with your head, follow your heart.
81. Always remember, the past is gone forever and the future never comes.
82. Live your life according to what is right for you.
83. Acknowledge your imperfections.
84. Plant a tree and watch it grow.
85. See "friend" instead of "enemy" on the face of strangers.
86. Watch an army of ants build their houses and cities and carry food ten times their weight.
87. Believe in something bigger than yourself.
88. Let the playful child within you come out.
89. Make haste slowly.
90. Work through your problems step by step and one day at a time.
91. Accept compliments from others so you can see the truth about yourself.
92. Sit on the lawn without worrying about grass stains.
93. Don't condemn yourself for your imperfections.
94. Do a humility check periodically by loving the truth about yourself.
95. Tell someone you appreciate them.
96. Never live your life according to what is right for someone else.
97. Admit your wrong doing and forgive yourself for it.
98. Talk less and listen more.
99. Thrive on inner peace instead of on crises. 
100. Affirm all good things about yourself.

(credits to the original owner)

Stay happy lovelies,



  1. this is a beautiful post! i read each and every one of these and they all made me smile just thinking about them! thank you for making my day :)

    1. Hi Niki! You're welcome (?) lol. It's really good to just pause for a moment and reflect. I'm not a depressed person but I always try to uplift my spirits through affirmations. Hope you have a nice day ahead of you!

  2. Really nice post... I'm sure people would feel better after reading it... Check the following blog as well