Sunday, April 1, 2012

Australis and Face of Australia

Hi guys! I went to Priceline the other day and I took a snapshot of a couple of Australian cosmetics brands: Australis, and Face of Australia.

Taken at Priceline (Westfield Pitt St. Mall)

Taken at Priceline (Westfield Pitt St. Mall)

I haven't really bought a lot from these brands but I did buy a couple from Australis, an eyeliner pencil which I used as an eyebrow liner, and a lipstick. The quality is not as bad as what I thought but the cosmetics dried out quickly. So, they don't really last long. But they're very cheap so you can just repurchase anytime if you like. Who needs to keep a single eyeliner pen for 2 years anyway?

These are just 2 of the many Australian cosmetic brands. Will show you all more of them in time! :)

Enjoy your weekend!

PS: Priceline is a really nice place to find drugstore items (cosmetics, perfume, hygiene products......etc.), they do a lot of sales and give discounts especially when there's a holiday coming up.



  1. Nice pics, it little remindes me brands as Catrice, She-e and Essence. They have also cute and cheap beauty products but they don't last long. Well as you said, who needs to keep a single eyeliner pen for 2 years? :D

    1. So I guess the brands that you mentioned are products that can only be found in your side of the world. I haven't hear of She-e and Essence, but I've heard of the brand "Catrice" from a Youtuber that goes with the name "Dottilicious". I think she's also from the same part of Europe as you. :)