Sunday, March 11, 2012

Clear skin (and other things that I’m happy about atm)

Hello everyone! 

Audrey Hepburn said “Happy girls are the prettiest girls” and I believe in it! There’s just something in happy people that makes them glow. In this blog post I will write about few little things that currently makes me happy. 


First of all, I would like to thank all the readers for supporting my blog (by reading my blog posts). According to my Blogspot dashboard, I’ve been getting at least 3 readers everyday from different parts of the world. It makes me happy that people actually read what I’ve been writing here. It wasn’t long ago when I decided to create my own blog (inspired by the blogs that I read). People ask me why I spend time in writing these stuff and what it is for. I just reply to them saying that I’ve got nothing to do. And thus, I try to make use of my free time to share my thoughts and my little knowledge and passion for everything beautiful to all of you. Thank you all! I really appreciate it. :)

The second thing that makes me happy lately is the recent “boost” in my studies AKA doing well with my NY resolution #4. Lately, I’ve spent most of my time doing homework, reading my thick books, figuring the problems out with my calculator, and having group studies. I know you might be feeling really weird why I am so happy for common things like those but it’s just I’ve been so committed to my studies for the past few weeks. Well, as I have said in my new year’s resolution post, last year I have not really focused on studying. I managed to pass and get high marks for some of it but not for everything. I mean, I could’ve done better if I gave a little bit more of my time in “studying” than just being happy with a 5/10 mark for a quiz. Right? Hopefully, I continue to be like this ‘till the end of this year. 

Thirdly, I’ve been keeping up with my NY resolution #1. Yey! Well, I’ve been doing a lot of walking and jogging lately, and I’m also eating healthy food. I’ve been more of a veggie eater lately in comparison to my carnivorous diet last year. And I also manage to drink my healthy vegetable drink weekly (though I’m not meeting my acceptable 3 times a week drink!).

And lastly, I’m so glad to tell of you that my acne has cleared up! (Well, for a few months already). I’m really happy that my acne’s gone. I know that the visit to the dermatologist really helped solve the problem but I’m sure that various factors such as having a regular sleeping and waking time, eating healthy and drinking the fibre-rich veggie juice, exercising, and my new skin care regimen have also aided in the process. I’ve been getting a few “Hey, you look better!” and “You’re getting prettier!” compliments from my friends lately, and I thank them for that (I feel shy and think if I was ugly before, but happy!). To be honest, before when my skin was bad and had a lot of break outs, my self-confidence level got affected by it, I swear! (Maybe I’ll talk about this in another post…). But I’m really happy with my skin now. Although I still have some acne marks, I’m fine with it. I know that one by one, they’ll all slowly fade away.

Even though my hair is messy, I am still happy:)

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

It takes about 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, why overwork? :)

Keep smiling and keep shining!




  1. Your skin is glowing! And your smile is such a sunshine!! :D

    1. Hey there! Thanks! :) You just made my day :) xx

  2. aw, this blog has made me happy girl. You're contagious! :D. Loved reading this and all the other posts that you have.
    Another reason to be happy now is that you have a new follower ;) hehe.


    1. Hi! Thanks for following! People like you makes me inspired to keep writing blog posts. lol. Hugss! Stay happy and pretty!

  3. I like your attitude. And your smile is very attractive.

  4. Ahh your skin looks amazing! I've been skimming through your blog since I'm suffering from acne as well, but I've started to really exercise and eat better now. :) Just looking for the right products still...i.e. moisturizer!

    1. Hi! Thank you. I really feel for you. A year ago, my face have really been bombarded with acne. It wasn't just ugly, but it was painful (physically and emotionally). And now that my acne has cleared up (at the moment), I'm really thankful and I'm really trying my best to avoid it coming back again!

      I hope there's an easy solution to get rid of them, but it really takes hard work and help from specialists. Well, you can always try all the products that are made for fighting acne but I suggest that you go and see a dermatologist. Tell him/her about your daily lifestyle, and try to ask him/her all the possible questions that you want to ask about you condition.

      PS: you can never go wrong with Cetaphil gentle moisturiser. It's very gentle and it's for all the skin types. It's also not greasy so I think it's good for oily skin types.

      Have a nice day dear!