Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 62 Monte Carlo

Hey everyone! I went shopping with my sister yesterday. Yes, bonding time with big sis. :) Started out with lunch and then went walking around. It was almost a disaster because it was kinda gloomy and windy when we left the house so she wore tights and a jumper, while I wore tights and fur. And after an hour, the sun came out and it became sunny all-day long! Super hooooooootttttt that we decided to remove our tights and I also removed my fur sleeveless sweater. (I keep complaining about the weather in Sydney, do I? LOL). Okay, so I said it was almost a disaster. Almost as it was still a happy day for me because I got to buy a new lippie! :) Haha. :)

We went to MYER since we really wanted to get ourselves YSL rouge volupte lipsticks but came out having Chanel Coco Shines. :) 

This is my 3rd splurge on a Chanel lippie. They're a tad pricey (especially for someone, unemployed, like me) but, I swear, I don't regret purchasing any of them.

Chanel rouge coco shine in 62 Monte Carlo is a very pretty colour. It flatters my skintone as it has a pinky-warm-reddish hue and rouge coco shines are noted for their moisturising, sheer, and creamy texture when applied, so I think that they really make my lips look healthy by giving it a pinkish glow.

I, still, opted for a safe choice on this one due to the "natural" look of the colour but the hue of 62 Monte Carlo is a bit more pigmented than my favourite 52 Fetiche. It's a really great "to-go" everyday colour.

Application (1 glide [not using a lip brush]):

colour pigmentation under normal indoor daylight lighting

It really looks light in just a dash of it on my lips but I tend to apply it harder as I go. So, after 3 glides.....

colour pigmentation facing normal daylight lighting

So if anyone wanna get themselves an everyday Chanel lippie, I recommend this one! :)



  1. What a gorgeous colour. I will definitely buy this one when I go for a Chanel lippie.

    1. Yes! This one's really good. Makes me look radiant :) lol

  2. That's such a nice colour, it looks really pretty on you. I have only just found your lovely blog and am now a follower. :-) xx

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...