Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year! Happy New Start!

It’s a new year again, people. Time does really fly by quickly. It seems like it was just 2011 yesterday and now it’s already 2012! Many things happened in 2011 for me, some good and bad stuff, but to carry on, it’s another year to start anew, change the things that needs to be changed, and improve the better to best. I’ve listed new year’s resolutions for years and I can’t even recall if I follow them to the core but I still keep writing and listing, hoping that I would keep them in mind for the coming 365 days ahead.

This year I am planning to address most of my dark sides and improve some good. But hey, when I say dark side it doesn’t necessarily mean that I mastermind heinous crimes. It’s actually just about some deep set issues that I find a bit battling for myself. It’s probably going to be tough to accomplish all of the following resolutions that I thought of for this year because of the future events, but yeah as I do with my uni assessment tasks, I will try to put my sh*t (?!) together to make sure that what needs to be done is done in a righteous manner.

Moving on……

Pascaley’s 2012 new year’s resolutions! (Ttaaaa daaaa!!)

1.       Be more healthy
Yes, I may not be the most sickly and frail person to say that I want to be more healthy and I’m also not in line with the most buffed out dudes and dudettes, but I just want to be more healthy like being able to catch my breath when I run fast to catch the train (run fast? Seriously?) and I want to have better reflexes too. Thus, this year I will try to have a sport (probably running and badminton?), drink organic vegetable juice every day (minimum 3x a week), and reduce my weight by avoiding rice (max amount of rice should be half a cup!). 

2.     Don’t make other’s the reason for my own happiness. Know myself more.
It’s nothing too personal but I think that recently, I became too much of a clinger and I couldn’t manage being alone. I think I have frittered away in a place outside of my comfort zone that made me too dependent on certain people in my life. I think it’s about time for me breathe and address this issue not only for my own good but for the people around me as well. I think for this year, I should learn to love myself more, give myself my own personal time to know myself more, and try something different, maybe get a hobby or something. 

3.   Think, don't babble too much
I found myself quicker to respond by showing my feelings instantly and not thinking of what should be done first. I am already turning 21 this year, I shouldn’t be so naïve like that any longer! 

4.    Aim for the Ace!
Last year I idled away too much time by doing stuff that are not important. This year, I should get higher marks and be more attentive in class.

5.     Try to get a part-time job (?!)
Need I say more? Haha! A part-time job to feed my hunger for shopping.

6.     Update my blog more often
People ask me about what I get from writing a blog and I respond “Nothing, really. It’s just something that I enjoy doing in my own time, researching, writing, and thinking! It is creative and I also think it’s sharpening my skills”.

Happy 2012 everyone!!



  1. All the best with your resolutions! I like #2. :-)

    1. Hello Cafe Chick! Thank you for reading my post. I wish you well for this new year too! :)