Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hand Sanitiser Madness

According to my Dictionary! App, Sanitise is a verb that means to make things sanitary (free of germs) by cleaning or sterilising. I’m sure that no one would ever want to sit on a toilet seat in a public toilet as we don’t know how many people have used them and it is obvious that it is contaminated with who knows what or to touch our face with our sweaty and dusty hands after we do some work. Thus, it has been our norm to carry sanitisers around wherever we are. Sanitising is very important whether we are just in our homes or when we are outside because it helps to get rid of harmful germs that might (in a way) infect us with diseases.

During my holidays in Manila, I came across tons and tons of women who have sanitisers hanging from their bag’s shoulder straps. I guess it’s “in”, nowadays, to carry one of these because although sanitising has been essential ever since a long long time ago, it is only now that I see people carry these around all the time. 

Since the “sanitary hand” saga has been on for quite a while, many companies have released different kinds of hand sanitisers that are very affordable and convenient to carry around. 

Hanging Hand Sanitisers

Bench hand sanitisers

Hygienix hand sanitisers (The spray type is my favourite)

Rubbing alcohol with moisturisers

I also saw this product that can be used to clean and disinfect messy toilet seats.

Holy Seat!

Hand sanitisers, which used to be just a normal Dettol disinfectant, has been revolutionised, became varied and more creative to glam up our hand bags and moisturise our hands while getting rid of dirt.


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