Saturday, July 14, 2012

Michelle Phan in Australia!

Another exciting news to my dear readers in Australia who are makeup junkies and for those who adore the #1 most subscribed female on Youtube, she is coming to the land down under, Australia! Yes, Michelle Phan is going to come! Let's thank Lancôme for giving us an opportunity of finally seeing her in person through counter appearances and a masterclass.

Photo credit to Michelle's Facebook page
There are no clear details yet for the Sydney appearance but definitely follow or like Lancôme's Facebook page and Michelle Phan's Facebook page to keep updated for this awaited event. For those who are down in Melbourne, go and purchase a ticket for Michelle's makeup masterclass once it goes up for sale on Monday (16th July 2012) on the MYER site or MYER Bourke St. Melbourne's Lancôme counter. This could have been the perfect reason for me to go down to Melbourne but my classes start that week! (Boohoo!). Oh well!

Also keep your eyes out on Lancôme counters for the Australian market release of Michelle's Lancôme Glamour eyes kit that will also be out for sale on Monday (16th July 2012). 

Just another reason to be smiling throughout the rest of our 2012 winter! :-)




  1. good posting about Michelle Phan in Australia!

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