Friday, July 13, 2012

CK One cosmetics: official Australia launching event and meeting Jodie Boland

Hello everyone! Today, I bring you all a very interesting experience that I had yesterday. My sister, our dearest friend, myself, and two other ladies got the chance of having our makeup done by Jodie Boland, CK One's international makeup artist, and her CK One assistants (I completely forgot to take photos of myself though!) in the official Australia launch of the brand's new cosmetics range. Jodie is just so bubbly and friendly! She has this bursting energy that captivates people. It's very contagious. She is very talented and is very good at what she's doing, no wonder why she made it all the way to being the make up artist of CK One and tours the world to launch their products.

CK One cosmetics is pretty new in the Australian cosmetics market and their products are very versatile and so affordable. Yes, very affordable. Their Pure Colour liptsicks just costs AUD$35 each. Their products exude simplicity and minimal character while giving you the most out of your purchase. In addition, they are very travel friendly and did I mention versatility? Talk about being "all-in-one"! Their mascara works in 2 ways, volumising and lengthening, as it has a twist cap that totally alters the mascara's bristle formation. They also have a 3-in-one face makeup which is a solution of primer, foundation, and sunscreen. And, probably their best bet in multi-tasking, their Colour + Treat lip kit which has lip exfoliator, plumper, lipbalm, 2 lipstick shades, and lip gloss. If I would give another compliment to their products, it would be that they're very true to colour. I just admire how the lipstick shades (when applied to lips) appear to be in very similar hues as in stick, itself (if that makes sense), as well as their other products like blush-ons, lip glosses, foundations, nail polishes and to all of their entire range.

If you want to read more about Jodie Boland and CK One products, click here.

Jodie Boland working on Calvin Klein F/W 12 Presentation. Photo credit to
Photo credit to

Jodie's creations. Total gorgeousness! Photo credits to Jodie's instagram @jodieboland

(L-R) Myself and my chubby cheeks, Jodie Boland, @missusadams rocking her NY'er outfit, CKone's lovely sales associate at MYER Sydney city, & @pia_zza
Photo credit to @jodieboland on instagram

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    1. Thank you @missusadams ! You never fail to remind me that I'm wonderful and you always give me a boost of confidence. Love you! Mwah

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  3. That's Beautiful! Thanks :) I LOVE your Blog!