Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 Bloggers Without Makeup Day

Hi guys! Sorry if I haven’t been able to update my blog for the past month. After the Easter break, I got so preoccupied with my university assessment tasks. It was so grueling and arduous to do all of them 2 weeks before the deadline but it’s all good now. And I think I already got a week’s rest from the exhaustion of staying up late to read, read, and read journal articles to use as my references for like a gazillion times so now I'm back and ready to blog!

Moving on, I would just like to greet you all a happy “Bloggers Without Makeup Day”! As I have mentioned in my “Re: Acne history and my naked face” post, May 14 is marked in the blogging world as the “Bloggers without makeup day” and we are to celebrate it by feeling good and comfortable with our own skin. No one ever said that loving your own skin is easy but what makes the process simple and trouble-free is to slowly accept who you really are. Trying a shampoo that you saw in a TV commercial won’t make your hair look and feel the same as the model’s hair in that advertisement. We have to be realistic, accept, realise, and love our own beauty because no one is perfect but everyone is created with beauty in their own ways. As a final point, I just want to ask you all these 3 simple questions:

  • Do you dare to go out of your house without any makeup on?
  • Do you feel comfortable to be with people without anything to hide your physical flaws?
  • Do you have any inspiring story of overcoming your fears and accepting your imperfections?

I would love to know all of your expressions on this issue.

Be humble and embrace your weaknesses. Remember, no one is perfect.

<3 You All! :) And belated happy mum’s day to all the mums out there especially to my one and only loving mommy :)

BIG ROUND FACE but still CUTE! :)



  1. this is soo funny because i was thinking about doing something like this too. makeup is so much fun, but nothing beats natural beauty! you are one of those...such a gorgeous girl :)

    1. Hi Niki! Yeah! I would love to see your "naked" face and prolly read some of your inspirational stories. And thanks! I agree, makeup does a lot of wonders but nothing beats natural beauty that is from inside and out. :)

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