Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lipsticks, Lipbalms, Lip tints, and Lipglosses: Mini Haul/ Review

Hi! I have been writing entries more often now since I am already on holidays! (Yes! 2 months of it, baby!) And since, I've been thinking on what else should I put on my blog other than the style icons or my random rants. So I came up with this idea of showing you guys and I guess I would do a mini haul/review (for the first time ever) of my most used lippies. 

I am obsessed with lip products eversince I was young. I always had those little lipshiner keyholders, that my mom used to buy for me when she goes to overseas, hanging on the zipper of my school bag, or on my ID card lace, and as far as I can remember, I used to go over my older sister's vanity drawers and try out all the lip products that she had. LOL. Ok, enough of the chitty chatty and let's get down to business.

Here's what I got for my most used lipbalms and lipglosses:

1. Lucas' papaw ointment
- I should say that this ointment is so much like Vaseline petroleum jelly. It makes any rough skin super soft and smooth especially when left overnight. I put this on my lips after I take a shower at night and leave it on 'till the next day. At the back of the tube it is written that this papaw ointment can also be used or applied for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash.

2. Dior Kiss in 118 Barbe a papa/ Cotton Candy
- This actually came with 5 other colours in one box but I think I gave away the others to my cousins. This lipgloss never fails to give me the extra shine that I need when I apply very matte lipsticks. It applies smoothly and makes my lips look so dewy and watery. (lol, drooling look?)

3. Prestige Jetstream lipgloss
- This is one of those lipglosses that you has a mechanism where you have to twist the bottom to squeeze the product out. The gloss is shiny, and I don't use it that often but I still like to keep it with me.

4. The Face Shop fresh lip balm in RD 301
- A very nice quality lip balm. I love the yummy cherry scent of this lip balm. I think I bought it a year or two years ago but I still haven't finished it all up until now.

5. Mentholatum medicated lipbalm
- My bf's sister gave this to me when I visited them in China. The brand Mentholatum is a very reliable brand in China and this lip balm is widely used in there. As per its brand name, the balm is made up with some menthol so when you apply it on your lips, it gives you that mentho-ly feeling. 

6. Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry
- I always use this balm as a base before apply any lipstick. It's just like a normal petroleum jelly that feels lighter and softer. It also has a flavour and a scent.

7. TonyMoly Petite bunny gloss bar in 04
- Bought this because it looks really cute. It can be used alone as a "lipstick" substitute because its texture is matte and its colour pigment is good enough.

For Liptints:
1. The Body Shop lip and cheek stain (rose pink 01)
2. Sportsgirl lip and cheek tint (discontinued)
3. TonyMoly lip tint (cherry pink)

I really love lip and cheek tint/stains because they are very multi-purpose and very handy. I can bring it even when I'm just carrying a small purse. I use this for an instant pick-me-up especially when I stay in the uni for the whole day since it's not practical to carry all of my makeup one by one like my blush-on, lipstick, and all. So I just use this. A little dab on the lips and on the cheek and I instantly look fresh again. :) My favourite is the Body Shop lip and Cheek stain which is around AU$28 so I'm gonna buy a lot of this when I get back to the Philippines.

Favourite Lipsticks:
1. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 52 Fetiche
2. Natio Lip colour in Spring
3. Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de gloss in 61 Fatale

If you have noticed that I sticked with warm reddish colours with pink undertones for my lipsticks. I personally prefer these shades because I think it flatters my skin tone and it gives me the natural look that I want for everyday use. As of now, I don't have other lippy shades that are not monochromatic with these ones. (3) is not really a lipstick but it is a lipgloss, I just categorised it with the lipsticks because it is super pigmented. The Chanel lip products mentioned above are very hydrating for the lips. The coco shine is more like a hydrating lipstick that gives a natural shine to the lips, its not matte. Natio lip colour is like a basic creamy lipstick.

Here are some swatches
(L-R) 1. Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de gloss in 61 Fatale, 2. Natio Lip colour in Spring, 3. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 52 Fetiche

I hope the post wasn't that long! :)

for all ya'll lippy junkies, you're not alone. :) -Pascaley

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