Thursday, September 29, 2011

YouTube Beauty Gurus

The idea of myself learning how to put makeup came to me during my last few years of high school. Back then, I just used Johnson and Johnson's baby powder to my face and Chapstick lippies whenever I go out. However, since, when my family and I went to the United States, I saw that almost all the females (with a certain age and above) have some sort of cosmetics applied to their face. I got curious and interested about how to put those to myself. Luckily, my cousin in the states have a girlfriend who is really beautiful and talented. She can cook, she can sing, she can dance, and most of all, she is really good in makeup application. So, I went with her to Sephora, to purchase some basic makeup cosmetics that I can use for myself. She also taught me how to use them.

She have also recommended some YouTube beauty gurus that I can watch for me to learn more about and how to put on makeup.

That was the short story of how I got interested in makeup.

So, now, in my free time, I watch the videos that these gurus have generously created for us. (Not in any particular order):

Michelle Phan











AND MORE! (Go to

Aren't they all gorgeous?

These gurus have a variety of videos, from how-to tutorials, to hauls, outfit of the day, and many more. They are very interesting because they share their talent to everyone who can have access to their videos and blogs.